Vermaert Konstschilderesse


1. History

a. Vereniging Noitdorpsche Historiën (Association for historical research regarding Nootdorp)

A website for anybody who is interested in the local history of Nootdorp:

b. Huygens Instituut of Dutch history

The Huygens Institute of Netherlands History (ING) is a scientific institute to stimulate the research to the history of the Netherlands:

c. Dictionary of women

The Huygens ING has a separate website on which many remarkable women who, despite the social constraints of their time, each in its own way a contribution to the history provided. Artists, nuns, assassins, princesses, lights workers, benefactors, entrepreneurs, adventurers, prophetess and many others. Maria van Oosterwijck is also included in this lexicon. The file is searchable in several ways, so the user can compose his own selections. Moreover, the Dictionary is richly illustrated and documented with references to archival materials and literature:

2. Art History

a. Netherlands Institute for Art History

An invaluable resource of information and documentation concerning art history:

3. Maria van Oosterwijck in museums around the world:

a. Cincinnati Art Museum:

b. Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister Dresden:

c. Royal Collection United Kingdom, Hampton Court:

d. Art History Museum Wenen:

e. Mauritshuis Den Haag:

f. Montreal Museum of Fine Arts:

g. Schaezlerpalais Augsburg:

h. Statemuseum for Art Kopenhagen/ Statens Museum for Kunst:

i. Smiths College, Museum of Art Northampton Massachusetts:

j. City Museum Varazdin / Semage Palace Croatia: