Vermaert Konstschilderesse

Vanitas paintings

Although Maria is particularly devoted to floral still lifes, she has several so-called vanitas still lifes painted. In this kind of still life, the transience of earthly life, the transience of earthly goods and the relativity of wealth and knowledge are central elements. But also in these paintings flowers are present. Maria have made these paintings in the period between 1655 to 1668. One of the most beautiful paintings in this category is the painting "Vanitas", which is in the Kunsthistorisches Museum of Vienna located (see picture below first row, left). A much less known is another vanitas painting of Maria van Oosterwijck. The painting belongs to a private collection and is so far only once shown to the public during an exhibition. It concerns the Vanitas painting that belonged to the so-called Schoeller collection until 2005 (see picture below first row, right). Precisely this latter painting confirms that many elements of her paintings has a religious-moral intention. On a paper painted on this canvas Maria van Oosterwijck explains various elements. It refers to passages in the Old New Testament. The third painting "Vanitas with celestial globe and oysters". I can only show you a black and white image. Click on any of the images to get more information.