Vermaert Konstschilderesse

Paintings in old inventories

The number of paintings that Maria van Oosterwijck made, is much higher than the number on this website is included. How many is hard to say. According to Campo Weyerman she worked diligently and quickly, according Houbraken she painted slowly. But if we assume that Maria started to paint professionally from about her 30-year age and she did this thirty years with the low number of about five paintings a year, she must have made still at least 150 paintings. Certainly a number paintings is lost. Many causes are possible: fire, flood or other calamities. Also, aging, improper cleaning or bad repairs in the past will could have been grounds for put a painting of Maria van Oosterwijck at the dirt. Also changing tastes, ignorance of the age, compounded by a misunderstanding of the value, will certainly have contributed that her paintings were seen as a worthless object and eventually disappeared. Doubtless there will be tens of Maria's paintings currently undiscoverd in private hands on the wall or stored in an attic. Still paintings of Maria make appearance whose existence was not known.When you on the link below, a pdf file opens using Acrobat Reader. It contains a list of paintings in old sources or inventories, mentioning the paintings were painted by Maria van Oosterwijck. The survey underscores the view that the productivity of Mary was much higher than previously assumed. The survey, which is certainly not exhaustive, may also be useful in the preparation of the provenance of a painting, ie the chain of owners from the beginning of the picture. This can be particularly usefull in cases where the source gives a more specific description of the picture or details of names, like the size, the color of the vase or other images on the painting.Finally, keep in mind that the in the pdf file listed sources not indicated that the allocation is based on a signature of Maria van Oosterwijck. Therefore the list may have incorrect allocations.Apologis, the pdf file is written in Dutch.